2nd album

We’ve started work on our second album with an initial recording session at our rehearsal space Sunshine Studios with Pat Crane manning the reel to reel. 

It’s sounding pretty sweet so far and we’re looking to get back in the studio over the next few months once the next batch of tracks are finalised.

We’ll keep you posted.

More pics of the sesh here 


Scenewipe’s All Killer, All Dayer

Psyched to be playing this in September, more details on the Facebook event here and you can get tickets here

Our support show with Arbouretum at Soup Kitchen a few weeks back went really well, we busted out 2 brand new songs, and they were sound guys too. Hopefully we’ll hook up with them next time they’re around.

Innocence Man is now available to stream in full on our Bandcamp page, have a listen. 

Tomorrow night, we’re on at 9.05pm. Loads of good stuff on and it’s a fiver in.

Tomorrow night, we’re on at 9.05pm. Loads of good stuff on and it’s a fiver in.

Perfect Sound Forever Interview

Meant to post this a while ago, great interview recorded just after the album came out when Danny was still in the band.

"If I was arrogant enough to think I’d heard every band in Manchester, I’d see fit to herald Easter as the band near the start of their trip most likely to gain much greater mass appeal. Having seen them play too many gigs to count, for the most part increasing in intensity and passion each time, I would certainly recommend them to anyone who loves great rock music that takes influence from the past, perhaps most obviously Red House Painters, Neil Young and the Velvet Underground, and pushes it into new shapes that spark imminent urgency…."

Read the full piece here:

Radio Session

Just in case you missed this…

When we played Cardiff in November we did a radio session for The Waiting Room which aired online several times before Xmas, as it’s a syndicated show. We played a few new tracks that had never been recorded before. They sound pretty rough and raw but check them out anyway! 

You can also hear an interview with Tom that was recorded at about 4am in “a bit” of a haze. Plus there is a load of other music on the show: